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(Rain or Shine Event) /No refunds for early cancellations

• Slide Main picture to the left to open hotel suggestions and to open the event logistics map.

• We will have a reserved section to feature the Aero cars. (Inside the Dome)

• We will have a reserved sections to feature non Aero cars.

• Cars must be parked in the Dome Friday (They will stay in the dome over night till the end of the event Saturday @4 pm.)

Ticket Includes

• 2 wristbands for weekend entry

• 1 Heritage Preservation Invitational Car Display

• 2 Friday Track Sessions beginning at 8am (The first track session will be an Apron run) the second session is for those that wish to go up on the oval.

• 2 lunch meal tickets food trucks.

• 2 Friday night Big Bill's banquet tickets

• 1 Event T-Shirt

• 1 Money Tree Ticket

Must register @7:30 am Friday morning and have car ready to park indoors by 11:30 am.

Itinerary coming soon

VIP Heritage Preservation Invitational Best Bundle


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